Speed up your e-commerce product listing process and reduce costs by 95%

Convert an Aliexpress Pages into a Professional and SEO-Optimized Product with a Single Click.

Speed up your e-commerce product listing process and reduce costs by 95%

With a single click

Convert Aliexpress Products into Professionals and SEO-optimized Products

Build high-converting product pages for your store in just a few seconds

This is how we transformed an Aliexpress product page and made it a winner


with Ali2Shopify​

Speed up your e-commerce product listing process and reduce costs by 95%

Just one minute per product


Import your products to Shopify.

Import your products from AliExpress using DSers, AliDropship, or similar tools.


Connect your store in just a few clicks.

Connect your Shopify store to Ali2Shopify in just a few clicks to enable the magic.


Start automation and watch the magic happen.

One-click for creating a professional, SEO-optimized product page.

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Intelligent Keyword Selection

Ali2Shopify begins by analyzing your list of keywords provided via a Google Sheet. It then selects the most relevant keyword for each product and updates the product’s handle (URL) accordingly. This process ensures that each product is relevant to its keyword, enhancing your SEO and conversion rate.

SEO-Optimized Description

Using data from AliExpress, selected photos, and the chosen product keyword, Ali2Shopify generates rich and SEO-optimized product descriptions. These descriptions are crafted to enhance your store’s search engine ranking and attract more traffic.

Variation Optimization

Ali2Shopify intelligently translates variations and assigns them more relevant and intuitive names. This feature enhances understanding and user experience by making product variations clearer and more accessible.

Intelligent Product Specifications

Utilizing comprehensive data from AliExpress, alongside selected images and carefully chosen keywords, Ali2Shopify crafts detailed and relevant product specifications, significantly enhancing the listing’s appeal and providing customers with valuable information.

SEO-Optimized MetaFields

Ali2Shopify enhances each product with two additional sections through MetaFields, each including a photo, an H2 title, and text. This SEO-optimized content not only improves the attractiveness of the product page but also contributes to better search engine rankings.

Meta Title and Meta Description

Ali2Shopify automates the creation of Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions, making them not only SEO-friendly but also appealing to search engines and users. This feature enhances the organic search ranking and effectiveness of each product.

SEO Image Alt Text

Ali2Shopify automatically optimizes images by adding relevant and SEO-friendly alternative text. This approach enhances accessibility and search engine ranking, making each image not only visually appealing but also beneficial for SEO.

Intelligent Product Tags

Ali2Shopify adds relevant tags to each product. These tags not only make it easier to search and organize products but can also be reused in Shopify’s automatic collections, making the management of your store even more efficient.

Save hundreds of hours on your product integration.

with Ali2Shopify